• GACTA 10th Anniversary Party and Annual Meeting at Gainesville Country Club

    Thanks to Patrick Jenkins, Jacob Birk, and the Gainesville Country Club for hosting the community tennis party! And a big thank you to the area tennis pros, Mike Oransky, Robert Taylor, Jean Vaughn, Sandra Philips, Chris McDonald, and Jason Weiss for making the tennis clinic such a success!

    GCC_GACTA_103aDuring the GACTA annual meeting, the following officers were elected for 2015:

    Anne Koterba-President

    Libby Smith-Vice President

    Ben Smith-Secretary

    Dean Poole-Treasurer

    Board members: Jade Park, Elizabeth Patterson, Lee Johnson, Linda Green and Christine Shurtleff

    Executive Director: Addison Staples

    For more photos of the Community Tennis Clinic, click here.

    And to all our volunteers who have made our Middle School Tennis and Aces in Motion programs a reality, thank you!

    2014 GACTA Volunteer Recognition


    • Elizabeth Patterson
    • Maurice Willacy
    • Jean Vaughn
    • Mark Staples
    • Nancy Staples
    • Bob Gwin
    • Don Blair
    • Marda Jorgensen
    • Kim Horner
    • Kevin Banes
    • Rod Nagoshi
    • Diana Caro
    • Bonnie O’Brien
    • Bobbie Mehan


    • Ben Nagoshi
    • Sam Cockey
    • Ryan Joo
    • Daniel Vaughn
    • Aminah Moffett
    • Walia Moffett
    • Marcela Ifju
    • Daniela Ifju
    • Austin Edwards
    • Davis Washburn
    • Lillie Mehan

    Middle School Tennis Parent Coordinators 2014:

    • Scott Frey and Betsy Fischer
    • Tammy Miller
    • John Tucker
    • Kim Heninger
    • Clare Uman and Kikumi Gugel
    • Albert Sloan and John Lear
    • Elizabeth Patterson

    Coaches/Facilities that Adopted Middle School Teams:

    • Abdoulaye Toure (300 Club): Lincoln
    • Dave Porter: Oak Hall
    • Mike Oransky (Westside): Westwood
    • Chris McDonald: Howard Bishop
    • Robert Taylor (Haile): Kanapaha

    Tennis Teaching Pros Participating in the Community Tennis Clinic in August

    • Don Blair
    • Robert Taylor
    • Addison Staples
    • Jason Weiss
    • Chris McDonald
    • Jeremy Beach
    • Eli Meyer
    • Jeremy Bayon
    • Mark Merklein
    • Paul Reese
    • Dave Balogh
    • Patrick Jenkins
    • Roland Thornquist
    • Maurice Willacy
    • Eric Ligman
    • Tracey Begley
    • Bryan Shelton
    • Mike Oransky

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