• 2014 GACTA Activity Round Up

    GACTA Accomplishments and Activities 2014


    • GACTA appoints its first paid staff member, Addison Staples, as part-time Executive Director, effective 1/1/2014.
    • GACTA website overhauled (Gainesvilletennis.org) and Aces in Motion website (acesinmotion.org)
    • created
    • Gainesville Community Tennis calendar developed
    • GACTA and Aces in Motion Facebook presence established and maintained
    • GACTA sponsors its fourth season of Middle School Tennis
    • April 2014: Addison Staples attended the Change the Game conference in NYC
    • April 2014: GACTA became a member of Up2Us.
    • May 2014: GOWTL (day league) luncheon raffle raises $725 for GACTA.
    • June, 2014: GACTA awarded a USTA Serves Grant ($10,000) to expand the Aces in Motion Tennis Outreach program in east Gainesville
    • June, 2014: First Constant Contact newsletter sent out to approximately 1100 individuals
    • August, 2014: GACTA holds its first annual fundraiser, The Bryan Shelton Celebration of Gainesville Tennis, Past and Present. This event raised over $25,000 for GACTA.
    • Established the Dr. John J. Ross Pre-Collegiate Scholarship Fund and the McDonald Scholarship
    • September 2014: GACTA was accepted into the USTA Foundation NJTL Capacity Building program
    • October 2014: Addison Staples and Anne Koterba attend the Pre-TDW NJTL Capacity Building program in Atlanta
    • November 2014: USTA Florida Section Foundation grant award ($7078) for expansion of the Aces in Motion program in new 21st CCLC elementary schools and to establish a Special Olympics tennis program, based at Sidney Lanier Center.
    • December 2014: Awarded USTA Foundation grant support of $12,500 to expand AIM programming at Boulware Springs Charter, Pineridge neighborhood and at T.B. McPherson. In addition, GACTA was awarded a $25,000 USTA Foundation NJTL grant to increase the capacity of our organization (expand Executive Director position to full-time and hire a program director.

    Activities by Month


    • Ball machine donated to GACTA for tennis programming at T.B. McPherson
    • Aces in Motion partners with EAGY after-school program at T.B. McPherson
    • Sidney Lanier outreach program begins
    • City of Gainesville installs new benches at T.B. McPherson tennis courts
    • Jan 22nd: 21stCCLC elementary school student field trip to UF Men’s Tennis match vs. UNF
    • Jan 29th: UF Men’s Tennis Team visits HBMS 21st CCLC tennis program
    • 21st CCLC tennis program continues at HBMS and Lincoln Middle Schools.
    • 21st CCLC tennis program continues at Idylwild, Lake Forest, Rawlings elementary schools


    • Feb 8th: First USTA Florida Community Tennis Workshop held in Gainesville
    • Reichert House and EAGY after school programs continue at TB McPherson
    • Feb 22nd : First TB McPherson Play Day held


    • March 1st: GACTA was a vendor at the Parent Appreciation Day/Gang Awareness at Rawlings Elementary
    • Aces in Motion booth at the JTC Pro Circuit Women’s Futures tournament
    • March 10th: UF Mens Tennis team volunteered at TB McPherson
    • March 15-16: USTA Florida Team Tennis Challenge @ Jonesville Tennis Center
    • March 27th : Village Green Spring Break Play Day
    • HBMS tennis team forms and Middle School Tennis team practices begin
    • March 30th: UF Women’s Tennis Community Play Day at UF


    • Fourth season of GACTA sponsored Middle School Tennis matches begins
    • Water fountain installed at T.B. McPherson
    • After school programming continues at various elementary schools and T.B. McPherson.
    • April 22nd: First Kids Count tennis clinic held in church parking lot at Rawlings site.
    • April 30th: First Kids Count tennis clinic held at TB McPherson tennis courts


    • May 7th: First tennis clinic held at NE 31st Ave courts, with Kids Count
    • May 7th: Addison Staples presented AIM program at City of Gainesville Public Safety Committee meeting
    • May 13th: Tennis clinic with Woodland Park Boys and Girls Club at T.B. McPherson
    • May 20th: Racquet Award Day to Reichert House tennis program participants
    • May 29-June 1st: GACTA Middle School Tennis Tournament


    • June 7th: AIM Field Trip to St. Augustine with Addison Staples
    • Summer Heat Wave tennis program begins at MLK Center
    • Tennis program at HBMS continues, led by Bessie Patterson and Chris McDonald
    • 21st CCLC 8 summer tennis program at Terwilliger, Idylwild, Lake Forest, and Rawlings elementary schools (reached over 250 students per week for 6-7 weeks)
    • June 29th: GACTA-sponsored Summer Play Days begin at Westside Park, organized by Chris McDonald
    • Meetings ongoing with River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding


    • GACTA representatives began attending Pineridge neighborhood community meetings
    • Meetings ongoing with River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding
    • July 11th: Guatemala trip, led by Addison Staples, begins
    • Tennis courts resurfaced at T.B. McPherson and blended lines added to all four courts
    • Summer Heatwave program continues


    • August 5th : Village Green Community Day with GPD (vendor)
    • Partnership begins to provide tennis instruction to all students at Boulware Charter School as part of the PE program.
    • Expanded partnership with Reichert House, to provide tennis instruction to both elementary and middle school students at T.B. McPherson
    • Partnering with Youth Combine to provide once a week tennis instruction at HBMS.
    • August 23rd: First Annual GACTA fundraiser held, with successful, sold out Community Tennis Clinic @ DB


    • Formed second east Gainesville 14 & Under Intermediate Team Tennis team for fall play, T.B. McPherson courts are the team’s home court
    • Working with ACT/SAT tutor and PhD student, Sanethia Thomas, to provide tutoring at T.B. McPherson
    • Met with new superintendent Owen Roberts to discuss Aces in Motion program


    • October 1st: Addison Staples attended the Education Form hosted by Plum Creek, entitled, “Preparing Our Youth for Future Opportunities: Our Shared Responsibility
    • October 10th: First Pineridge Aces in Motion Tennis Festival held


    • 5th: USTA Foundation Capacity Building Convening. Addison Staples and Anne Koterba represented GACTA
    • 8th: Addison Staples represented Aces in Motion at the 4WS Network Health Expo at Pineridge
    • Nov 22nd: USTA Florida Annual Meeting. One of the original Aces in Motion participants, Keonna Perry, provided a testimonial at the Awards Dinner, explaining what tennis means to her.


    • December 7th: GACTA 10th Year Anniversary Party and Annual Meeting at the Gainesville Country Club.
    • December 12th: GACTA received word that we received $12,500 in grant support from USTA Foundation to expand programming at Boulware Springs Charter, Pineridge neighborhood, and T.B. McPherson after-school program, and $25,000 in grant support from the USTA Foundation NJTL Capacity Building program.

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