• A to Z with Kiah Turner

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    Published by the Gainesville Sun on April 11, 2013:

    SCHOOL: P.K. Yonge

    YEAR: Junior

    POSITION: No. 2 singles, No. 1 doubles

    HEIGHT: 5-foot-6

    Area tennis player I would pay to watch play: Zach Goldberg (Gainesville). He’s a good player. He’s a very good competitor, and I enjoy watching him play.

    Best sports movie I’ve ever watched: “Glory Road.”

    Coach Robert Taylor’s best words of advice for me: “Finish it off.”

    Dinner on an ideal night? Moe’s.

    Easiest class or part of my school day: Lunch.

    Favorite tournament to watch — U.S. Open, Wimbledon, French Open or Australian Open? U.S. Open. Because it’s here in the states.

    Greatest tennis player in the world right now? Serena Williams.

    Hoisting the state championship trophy this season will take … A lot of hard work. Last year was my first time going to state and not bringing back anything.

    Interesting thing about me off the court: I like to hang out with my family.

    Joker on the team? Maddie Sagas. She’s just silly in general. She will blurt out the weirdest stuff.

    Key to having a good serve is … The toss.

    Least favorite P.K. Yonge sports moment? Losing a match to Eastside in February.

    My ultimate goal as a tennis player is to … Win all four slams.

    Nickname? K.T.

    One person in my life who inspires me most: My older brother Van Turner.

    Potential college major? I’m undecided on that. I really don’t know. I think about it all the time.

    Quiet time activity? Listen to music. I like R&B.

    Reading the newspaper or going online to get my high school sports coverage? In print.

    Service ace, forehand winner, backhand winner or an overhead smash to win a match? All of the above.

    Transitioning back to playing doubles with teammate Jazz Whittaker this season after taking a year off has been …Not that hard. (As a) matter of fact we have played (together before), and we have such good chemistry with one another for two years.

    University or college choice? I want to go to the University of Florida.

    Van Turner’s shooting stroke or Kiah Turner’s tennis swing — which Blue Wave sibling has better form? Most definitely my tennis swing. But we both have our flaws and our strengths.

    Winning the District 4-1A championship and the Region 2-1A title in No. 2 singles, No. 1 doubles and as a team has been … Not much of a change. We have won districts the past six years, and it’s really not anything new to us. But getting past regionals was great. It feels really good right now. We just need to keep our mind focused and have our head in the game for regional finals.

    Xbox, PlayStation or Wii? We actually have a Wii and a PlayStation. My dad got them for my brother and I for Christmas, but my brother just keeps it in his room. I don’t really play it.

    Year I was born: 1996.

    Zoo animal I like most: Koala bear.


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