• USTA Junior Team Tennis is Back for Spring 2016!

  • The Fall Season of Junior Team Tennis is Starting: SCHEDULES

    Here is the schedule for the fall season of our Team Tennis League..  Teams in BOLD will be the home team. Robert Taylor is the coordinator for this fall season. Robert’s email is:  rt4tennis@nullgmail.com 
    League Notes:
    8 game pro sets (no-ad scoring)  Tiebreaker at 8-8
    2 singles/2 doubles matches
    Each Home Team will receive an allotment of balls for home matches for the whole season.  Each match use only 2 cans per match.  (most facilities will only be able to allot 2 courts for matches). Recycle balls at your facility for use.  If you run out of home match balls, please email me so I can send you more (lost balls, bad cans,etc)
    Schedules will be posted on www.jonesvilletennis.com website and www.gainesvilletennis.org websites for parents to access.
    Scores will be updated weekly and online on the Jonesville website as well..  Please email scores after match play so updating is easier..
    There will be some wiggle room in case of rainouts.. All matches must be completed by Nov. 13th.
    12 and Under Beginner Division: ALL MATCHES WILL BE AT 5 PM

    Oct. 4:  JTC-Smashers @ Haile

                JTC-Porter/Bethea @ Westside

                JTC- Aces @  DB


    Oct. 11:  Haile @ Westside

                  JTC-Aces @  JTC-Porter/Bethea

                  JTC-Smashers @ DB


    Oct. 17    DB  @   Haile

    JTC-Porter/Bethea @ JTC-Aces

                   Westside @ JTC-Smashers


    Oct. 18   Haile @  JTC-Aces

                  JTC-Porter/Bethea @ JTC-Smashers

                  Westside @ DB


    Oct. 25   Haile @ JTC-Porter/Bethea

                  JTC-Aces  @  Westside

                   DB @  JTC-Smashers


    Nov. 1     JTC-Smashers @  Haile

                   Westside @ JTC-Porter/Bethea

                   DB @  JTC-Aces

    12 and Under Intermediate Schedule:  ALL MATCHES ARE AT 3 PM

    Oct. 4:  DB @ Haile

              JTC-Beck/Phillips @ Westside


    Oct. 11   Haile @ Westside

                  DB @  JTC-Beck/Phillips


    Oct. 17  Haile @ JTC-Beck/Phillips

                 Westside @ DB


    Oct. 18   JTC-Beck/Phillps @  DB

                  Haile @ Westside


    Oct. 25    JTC-Beck/Phillips @ Haile

                   Westside @ DB


    Nov. 1      DB @ Haile

                    Westside @  JTC-Beck/Phillips


    14 and Under Intermediate Division: ALL MATCHES ARE AT 4 PM
    Oct. 4   Jordan Glen @ Haile             

    Porter @ 300 Club


    Oct. 11  Haile @ 300 Club

     Jordan Glen @ Porter


    Oct. 17  Porter @ Jordan Glen

    300 Club @ Haile


    Oct. 18   Haile @ Jordan Glen

    300 Club @ Porter


    Oct. 25    Haile @  Porter

     Jordan Glen @ 300 Club


    Nov. 1     300 Club @ Haile

    Porter @ Jordan Glen

    18 and Under Intermediate Schedule: ALL MATCHES ARE AT 2 pm 
    Oct. 3:  Lake City-CS @ Westside
                300 club @ Lake City- BGB
    Oct. 4:  Haile @ Lake City- CS
    Oct. 11: Westside @ 300 Club
                Lake City- BGB @ Haile
    Oct. 17:  Lake City- CS @ 300 Club
                  Haile @ Lake City- BGB
    Oct. 18:   300 Club @ Westside
    Oct. 24:   Westside @ Haile
                        Lake City-BGB @ Lake City-CS
    Oct. 25:    Westside @  Lake City- BGB
                        Lake City- CS@ Haile
    Oct. 31:     Haile @ 300 Club
    Nov. 1:      Lake City-BGB @ Westside
                       300 Club @  Lake City- CS
  • The Second Annual Bryan Shelton Celebration of Tennis

    A fundraiser to benefit GACTA’s Aces in Motion Tennis Outreach Program. 


    Evening Celebration

    Friday August 21st, 2015

    Gainesville Woman’s Club

    6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

    Live music by Gosia and Ali

    Food by Southern Charm Kitchen

    Silent Auction and Raffle

    Let’s Make a Racket!

    Saturday August 22nd, 2015

    DB Racquet Club

    9 a.m.- noon (check in 8:30 a.m.)

    Community Tennis Clinic

    Refreshments by Bagel Bakery and Mojo Hogtown Barb-b-que

    Buy Tickets

    Evening Celebration: $50

    Saturday Tennis $30

    Both Events: $75

    Saturday Spectator: $10


    For more information, please contact Addison Staples, Executive Director GACTA, at Addison@nullacesinmotion.org or call 352-514-9975

  • 2014 GACTA Activity Round Up

    GACTA Accomplishments and Activities 2014


    • GACTA appoints its first paid staff member, Addison Staples, as part-time Executive Director, effective 1/1/2014.
    • GACTA website overhauled (Gainesvilletennis.org) and Aces in Motion website (acesinmotion.org)
    • created
    • Gainesville Community Tennis calendar developed
    • GACTA and Aces in Motion Facebook presence established and maintained
    • GACTA sponsors its fourth season of Middle School Tennis
    • April 2014: Addison Staples attended the Change the Game conference in NYC
    • April 2014: GACTA became a member of Up2Us.
    • May 2014: GOWTL (day league) luncheon raffle raises $725 for GACTA.
    • June, 2014: GACTA awarded a USTA Serves Grant ($10,000) to expand the Aces in Motion Tennis Outreach program in east Gainesville
    • June, 2014: First Constant Contact newsletter sent out to approximately 1100 individuals
    • August, 2014: GACTA holds its first annual fundraiser, The Bryan Shelton Celebration of Gainesville Tennis, Past and Present. This event raised over $25,000 for GACTA.
    • Established the Dr. John J. Ross Pre-Collegiate Scholarship Fund and the McDonald Scholarship
    • September 2014: GACTA was accepted into the USTA Foundation NJTL Capacity Building program
    • October 2014: Addison Staples and Anne Koterba attend the Pre-TDW NJTL Capacity Building program in Atlanta
    • November 2014: USTA Florida Section Foundation grant award ($7078) for expansion of the Aces in Motion program in new 21st CCLC elementary schools and to establish a Special Olympics tennis program, based at Sidney Lanier Center.
    • December 2014: Awarded USTA Foundation grant support of $12,500 to expand AIM programming at Boulware Springs Charter, Pineridge neighborhood and at T.B. McPherson. In addition, GACTA was awarded a $25,000 USTA Foundation NJTL grant to increase the capacity of our organization (expand Executive Director position to full-time and hire a program director.

    Activities by Month


    • Ball machine donated to GACTA for tennis programming at T.B. McPherson
    • Aces in Motion partners with EAGY after-school program at T.B. McPherson
    • Sidney Lanier outreach program begins
    • City of Gainesville installs new benches at T.B. McPherson tennis courts
    • Jan 22nd: 21stCCLC elementary school student field trip to UF Men’s Tennis match vs. UNF
    • Jan 29th: UF Men’s Tennis Team visits HBMS 21st CCLC tennis program
    • 21st CCLC tennis program continues at HBMS and Lincoln Middle Schools.
    • 21st CCLC tennis program continues at Idylwild, Lake Forest, Rawlings elementary schools


    • Feb 8th: First USTA Florida Community Tennis Workshop held in Gainesville
    • Reichert House and EAGY after school programs continue at TB McPherson
    • Feb 22nd : First TB McPherson Play Day held


    • March 1st: GACTA was a vendor at the Parent Appreciation Day/Gang Awareness at Rawlings Elementary
    • Aces in Motion booth at the JTC Pro Circuit Women’s Futures tournament
    • March 10th: UF Mens Tennis team volunteered at TB McPherson
    • March 15-16: USTA Florida Team Tennis Challenge @ Jonesville Tennis Center
    • March 27th : Village Green Spring Break Play Day
    • HBMS tennis team forms and Middle School Tennis team practices begin
    • March 30th: UF Women’s Tennis Community Play Day at UF


    • Fourth season of GACTA sponsored Middle School Tennis matches begins
    • Water fountain installed at T.B. McPherson
    • After school programming continues at various elementary schools and T.B. McPherson.
    • April 22nd: First Kids Count tennis clinic held in church parking lot at Rawlings site.
    • April 30th: First Kids Count tennis clinic held at TB McPherson tennis courts


    • May 7th: First tennis clinic held at NE 31st Ave courts, with Kids Count
    • May 7th: Addison Staples presented AIM program at City of Gainesville Public Safety Committee meeting
    • May 13th: Tennis clinic with Woodland Park Boys and Girls Club at T.B. McPherson
    • May 20th: Racquet Award Day to Reichert House tennis program participants
    • May 29-June 1st: GACTA Middle School Tennis Tournament


    • June 7th: AIM Field Trip to St. Augustine with Addison Staples
    • Summer Heat Wave tennis program begins at MLK Center
    • Tennis program at HBMS continues, led by Bessie Patterson and Chris McDonald
    • 21st CCLC 8 summer tennis program at Terwilliger, Idylwild, Lake Forest, and Rawlings elementary schools (reached over 250 students per week for 6-7 weeks)
    • June 29th: GACTA-sponsored Summer Play Days begin at Westside Park, organized by Chris McDonald
    • Meetings ongoing with River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding


    • GACTA representatives began attending Pineridge neighborhood community meetings
    • Meetings ongoing with River Phoenix Center for Peacebuilding
    • July 11th: Guatemala trip, led by Addison Staples, begins
    • Tennis courts resurfaced at T.B. McPherson and blended lines added to all four courts
    • Summer Heatwave program continues


    • August 5th : Village Green Community Day with GPD (vendor)
    • Partnership begins to provide tennis instruction to all students at Boulware Charter School as part of the PE program.
    • Expanded partnership with Reichert House, to provide tennis instruction to both elementary and middle school students at T.B. McPherson
    • Partnering with Youth Combine to provide once a week tennis instruction at HBMS.
    • August 23rd: First Annual GACTA fundraiser held, with successful, sold out Community Tennis Clinic @ DB


    • Formed second east Gainesville 14 & Under Intermediate Team Tennis team for fall play, T.B. McPherson courts are the team’s home court
    • Working with ACT/SAT tutor and PhD student, Sanethia Thomas, to provide tutoring at T.B. McPherson
    • Met with new superintendent Owen Roberts to discuss Aces in Motion program


    • October 1st: Addison Staples attended the Education Form hosted by Plum Creek, entitled, “Preparing Our Youth for Future Opportunities: Our Shared Responsibility
    • October 10th: First Pineridge Aces in Motion Tennis Festival held


    • 5th: USTA Foundation Capacity Building Convening. Addison Staples and Anne Koterba represented GACTA
    • 8th: Addison Staples represented Aces in Motion at the 4WS Network Health Expo at Pineridge
    • Nov 22nd: USTA Florida Annual Meeting. One of the original Aces in Motion participants, Keonna Perry, provided a testimonial at the Awards Dinner, explaining what tennis means to her.


    • December 7th: GACTA 10th Year Anniversary Party and Annual Meeting at the Gainesville Country Club.
    • December 12th: GACTA received word that we received $12,500 in grant support from USTA Foundation to expand programming at Boulware Springs Charter, Pineridge neighborhood, and T.B. McPherson after-school program, and $25,000 in grant support from the USTA Foundation NJTL Capacity Building program.
  • GACTA Hosts Successful Fundraiser for Aces in Motion Program

    On Saturday, August 23rd, a morning community tennis event at DB Racquet Club and an Evening Celebration of Tennis were held to support the Gainesville Area Community Tennis Association’s Aces in Motion Tennis Outreach Program for at-risk children. The fundraiser, the The Bryan Shelton Celebration of Gainesville Tennis, Past and Present, was very well received by the Gainesville tennis community. The morning and evening events both sold out, and approximately 200 people attended.

    In a first for Gainesville, Don Blair of DB Racquet Club recruited tennis teaching pros from almost all the tennis clubs in town (including Fort King Tennis Center in Ocala) to come together and teach in the community tennis clinic. The UF Men and Women’s Tennis coaches also participated in the clinic, jumping on court along with tennis players from the community. Thanks to all the teaching pros who gave up their Saturday mornings to provide the “best Gainesville community tennis clinic ever”!

    Following the clinic, an exhibition was held, featuring Roland Thornquist, the UF women’s head coach and Bryan Shelton, the UF men’s head coach, who joined forces to compete against a former UF player, Chris McDonald and Tracey Smith Begley, a former FSU player.  Players from the community were then randomly selected to join in friendly tiebreakers with Bryan and Roland. To end the morning session, Bryan Shelton shared his thoughts with the crowd on the importance of the Aces in Motion program.

    The evening event featured Bryan Shelton, program directors Addison Staples and Chris McDonald, and participants in the organization’s Aces in Motion program, as well as live music and a silent auction. Attendees could also walk through a display of the highlights of Gainesville’s illustrious tennis history. As a part of the event, the Dr. John Ross Pre-Collegiate Scholarship was established, to honor the memory of Dr. Ross, a long-time Gainesville resident, beloved pediatric neurologist, and tennis advocate and enthusiast.



  • The Bryan Shelton Celebration of Gainesville Tennis Past & Present

    Saturday August 23rd, 2014

    A fundraiser to benefit the GACTA’s Aces in Motion (AIM) tennis outreach program.

    Click Here to Purchase Your Tickets Online Now!

    • Morning Tennis: Adult: $25; Junior (under 18): $15
    • Morning Tennis–Spectator only: Adult: $10; Junior (under 18): Free
    • Evening Celebration: Adult & Junior: $40
    • Both Events: Adult: $60; Junior (under 18): $50


    Morning Tennis
    Time:  9 am – 12 noon (check-in is 8:30 am)
    Location: DB Racquet Club, 5100 NW 53rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32653

    Activities include: Tennis clinics by area pros, Pro-Am, and Exhibition, Silent Auction, Music and Refreshments and Award for “Best Dressed” in Vintage Tennis Attire.

    “AIM for the Stars” Evening Celebration
    Time:  6:30 pm – 9 pm
    Location: Gainesville Garden Club, 1350 NW 75th Street, Gainesville, FL (behind Red Lobster)

    Come and enjoy the:

    • Displays of Gainesville tennis history
    • Presentations by UF Men’s Head Tennis Coach Bryan Shelton and AIM participants
    • Live music provided by the Killer B’s
    • Silent auction and raffle
    • Dinner catered by 4 Rivers, appetizers, desserts, refreshments

    Any questions, please contact Addison Staples, Executive Director, GACTA @ adstennis@nullgmail.com

  • Aces in Motion Program Featured on WUFT TV Evening News

    WUFT Evening News recently featured GACTA’s Aces in Motion program and its leader, Addison Staples, on the evening news. Watch the interview in the video below.

  • USTA Florida Community Tennis Workshop

    From: http://www.florida.usta.com/news/gainesville_hosts_community_tennis_workshop_growing_healthy_communities111/

    The tennis community of Gainesville and surrounding areas rallied approximately 70 tennis advocates for a USTA Florida Community Tennis Workshop, “Growing Healthy Communities Through Tennis” on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014 in Gainesville, Fla.

    Participants returned to their communities armed with new strategies for growing and maintaining grassroots as well as advanced adult and junior programs and events.

    “While it was storming outside, it was pouring all kinds of tennis information and new ideas inside,” said USTA Florida volunteer and Community Outreach Committee chair Deb Anderson. “People who attended were from all walks of life within the tennis community. Attendees included local and state volunteers, municipal employees, tennis professionals, tennis parents, USTA Florida and USTA national staff and more.”

    The workshop was designed for the North Central Florida area where Gainesville tennis advocates were joined by attendees from Tallahassee to Daytona Beach.

    Some of the topics included:
    o       Creating Sustainable Community Tennis Programs
    o       Growing Junior Tennis
    o       Recruiting and Retaining and Getting Former Players Back
    o       Marketing Tennis Events and Programs and the Role of Social Media

    Anne Koterba, a member of the Community Outreach Committee and one of the workshop organizers said, “We wanted members of the various tennis communities in our area to meet and realize that if they share their local experiences, the whole area can benefit.  Our workshop topics were based on a survey of community tennis people within the state, and these topics did seem to resonate with the attendees at the workshop.”

    “The workshop was short, surgical and energizing,” said Glen Howe, tennis superintendent for the city of Tallahassee. “The bad news is that it gave me and my friends a number of items that Tallahassee will need to work on.”

    The workshop was a pilot for future workshops to be held around the state, conceived by the USTA Florida volunteer-run Community Outreach Committee. Its success was the direct result of the financial and directional support it received from USTA Florida as well as the time commitment and planning on the part of the following committee members and staff liaisons:

    o       Chair, Deb Anderson, Bradenton
    o       Connie Fenchel, Daytona Beach
    o       Judy Foster, Clearwater
    o       Sue James, Tallahassee
    o       Anne Koterba, Gainesville
    o       T.A. Niles, Fort Myers
    o       Linda Curtis, Staff Liaison
    o       Lynne Salus, Staff Liaison

  • Growing Healthy Communities Through Tennis – USTA Workshop

    Saturday, February 08, 2014

    Growing Healthy Communities Through Tennis Workshop

    09:30 AM – 03:00 PM


    Best Western Plus Gateway Grand Hotel
    4200 NW 97th Blvd
    Gainesville, FL , 32609

    The USTA Florida Community Outreach Committee and the Gainesville tennis community will host the “Growing Healthy Communities Through Tennis” workshop on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014, from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Best Western Plus Gateway Grand Hotel in Gainesville.

    The workshop will focus on topics such as Growing and Maintaining Tennis in Our Communities, featuring Nancy Horowitz, USTA Florida’s president-elect; a Creating Sustainable Community Tennis Programs panel discussion; and the following breakout sessions:

    • Growing Junior Tennis — Casting the Net Wider
    • Best Practices: Getting Tennis Facilities Built, Improved or Saved
    • Tennis Programs & Events for Disadvantaged & Special Needs Populations
    • Adult Tennis — Recruiting, Retaining and Getting Former Players Back
    • Best Practices: Marketing Your Tennis Event or Program and the Role of Social Media
    • Junior Competitive Tennis in North Central Florida: Can We Do Better?

    “This workshop will empower and connect individuals, whether they are professionals, league players, parents or community tennis volunteers in the North Central Florida area,” said Deb Anderson, chair of the USTA Florida Community Outreach Committee.

    Lunch will be included, with the Closing Session featuring a workshop summary, questions, and action plan from 2:15-3 p.m.

    Click here to download a copy of the schedule

    The Best Western Plus Gateway Grand Hotel is located at 4200 NW 97th Blvd., Gainesville, Fla., 32609.

    The registration deadline is Feb. 3, to register Click here

    For more information, please contact Deb Anderson at debandy29@nullmac.com

    Visit the USTA Web Site Event Calendar for More Information

  • Aces for Kids Tennis Tournament

    The Aces for Kids Tennis Tournament will be held April 22-24, 2011 at the Jonesville Tennis Center. Proceeds will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Alachua County. There will be several divisions, with a 2 match guarantee: Singles and Doubles, Open, A, B, C, Parent-Child, Mixed Doubles, and Juniors. Singles: $25, Doubles $40/team, Mixed $40/team, Parent/Child $30/team and Juniors (14 and Under) $20. Cash prizes for Open Divisions, with 25% of Open Proceeds to Winners, 10% to Runner-Ups. There will also be a Players’ Social on April 22nd, with complimentary hors d-oeuvres and beverages. To register online, or more information, please call 352-372-5342.  For a copy of the registration form, go to the link below: