• QuickStart Tennis Notes: Bobbie Mehan

    After a successful summer season, Bobbie Mehan organized a QuickStart Tennis league for the fall. QuickStart Tennis is a form of tennis in which smaller rackets and nets are used on smaller courts. This format makes it easier for young kids to be successful at tennis and to start playing matches at an earlier age.

    Match play for 8 yrs and Under (boys and girls) began in late September. Matches are played SUNDAYS at 4:00. For more information on QuickStart Tennis, go to http://consumers.quickstarttennis.com or www.10andundertennis.com

    Quick Start Tournaments

    The first USTA-sanctioned Quick Start tournaments in the area were held at the Jonesville Tennis Center on May 20th , June 24th, and September 19th. Each tournament had approximately 20 participants and almost an equal number of volunteers, to insure that the matches ran smoothly. Players came from as far away as Tarpon Springs, St. Augustine, and Belleview.

    Players can register at Tennislink at www.usta.com.

    Please contact Bobbie Mehan if you have any questions or would like to sign your child up for a Quick Start league or clinic @ curlym1@nullaol.com.

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